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New York Produce Inc. provides superior customer service, an extraordinary product line and a sales team that cares about its customers. We take pride in being able to offer the broadest line of ethnic products in the TriState area, eliminating the hassle of placing and tracking orders with several different companies.

Products by Category

Since 1984 people have turned to New York Produce Inc. for all of their Produce needs. We provide a complete line of services for large retailers, food service companies and small businesses. We take pride in our commitment to personal service and this tradition of service that has become our company's foundation.

From tortillas and arepas, to the most delicious cheeses and creams, New York Produce Inc., fills dairy orders on demand to ensure freshness. We strive to give you the highest quality and the longest possible shelf life.

From Mexican to Asian to Eastern European, New York Produce Inc., offer a large variety of ethnic Frozen foods, including vegetable, fruit pulps and seafood. We carry delicious frozen meals made with the same authentic seasonings and fresh ingredients the ethnic consumers used at their homeland.




We carry an extensive line of Grocery Items from labels that customers have come to trust. From international name brands to local ethnic products manufacturers, New York Produce Inc. will provide you with the most authentic foods and beverages from around the world to satisfy the growing

demand of the U.S multicultural consumer.