New York Produce Inc. history began in June 1984 as a tomatoes distributor in New York City occupying the stores number 49 and 58 at the Bronx Terminal Market. Founded by Elio Valdivia with four employees: Antonio Lopez, Luis Ortiz, Juan Herrera, and Jako "El Camionero", our main activity was to pack tomatoes in 18 lbs. boxes and sell it to wholesale distributors in the metropolitan area. Gradually we incorporated other products like plantains, bananas, and some other tropical fruits and vegetables. Every day at the end of the workday, we went out with a truckload of goods to deliver to customers primarily in New Jersey.

A year later, needing more space, our facilities expanded to adjacent shops number 50 and 51, where a large fridge and a small "freezer" were built. Six years later, with the rapid growth of the business due to the incorporation of a new line of Mexican products, as well as carrying more fruits and vegetables, New York Produce Inc. takes possession of the remaining stores of the building (52, 53, 54, 55 and 56).

Today, we are a multifaceted organization that provides produce, groceries, dairy, and frozen products from every corner of the world, providing consumers with the quality of the brands they trust and cherish.

We carry an extensive line of Grocery Items from labels that customers have come to trust. From international name brands to local ethnic products manufacturers, New York Produce Inc. will provide you with the most authentic foods and beverages from around the world to satisfy the growing demand of the U.S multicultural consumer.

Regardless of ethnicity and region of origin we maintain a high standard of customer service and respect for individual values and traditions. Our customers include, but are not limited to, supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, Hispanic markets, restaurants and more.

Our History