Our people are truly our greatest strength. We attribute our success to the commitment and hard work of the individuals we employ.

Regardless of ethnicity and region of origin we maintain a high standard of customer service and respect for individual values and traditions.

We carry an extensive line of Items from labels that customers have come to trust. From international name brands to local ethnic products manufacturers...

We are proud to have a reliable distribution networks in the industry. Our two locations are conveniently located in the NY tri-state area.


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Our trade area is a melting pot of people, traditions, cultures and, most of it, food… food that differences by country, village or even by neighborhoods.

The diverse tastes of Mexico, Central and South America, the exotic flavors of Asia, the delicacies from Poland and Eastern Europe, and the spicy mysteries of Africa and the West Indies, all under one roof, waiting to be wheeled to our customer's facilities.

Thousands of products from all over the world are carefully chosen by our buyers not only for their authenticity and quality, but because the ethnic consumer loyalty and emotional relationship with these products. Our team of professionals knows by heart your consumer's preferences about food, brands and quality, just because they are part of the same melting pot.

This approach allows us to be completely confident that when our product arrives on your consumer's table, they will smile and think: exactly like home!

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